Working Days & Time Schedule

The school Administration Office works from Monday to Saturday,

from 8:00 am to 5:15pm.

School Timings: Kindergarten

Grade 2 =  from 9:15 am to 2:30pm.

Grade 3 – Grade 10 = from 9:15 am to 4:00pm.

The time schedules may very on the days of functions or competitions.

Student Council
The Student Council comprises of the school pupil leader, the house captain & vice captains.

It is considered as an honor by the students to be a member of the student council.

Every academic year the school witnesses the student council election in the month of July with great pomp as the student election files the arena with their support for new leaders, getting with placards.

To develop the literary skills of students various activities like Essay writing, elocutions, debates, group discussion are conducted.

Let’s bring out our budding authors, rhymes, verses, poems, expression of feelings, ideas with intensity you will get to meet our poets on board versatile arty to a day when everyone conducted with the school get to excited ” The annual fiesta” – a day to celebrate the success & achievements.

School Tours

Study Tours, field trips and excursions are conducted separately, for the students of the Junior School, Primary, Middle school, Secondary and Senior Secondary during the academic year, for which attendance is mandatory. These tours provide the pupils with opportunity for visiting places of historical or geographical or national importance, or even subject importance. These educational tours encourage them to pick up values of social interaction. It is a part of training on social values.

The school also organizes every academic year a tour for our staff to provide them a day of fun and joy.


Sy. No: 20, RKS Nagar Behind Dahlia Apartment, Opp to Railway Station, Hosur, Tamil Nadu 635 109.


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